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Hickory Tavern

13900 Conlan Circle, Suite 240 Charlotte, NC 28277

Open Till 2am today

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Hickory Tavern

Our neighbors. Our community.

We want to be more than just a place where our neighbors eat and drink. Tell us what's important to you.

Your Favorite Charity

How can we help? If you'd like us to consider your organization for a charitable contribution, please complete and submit the form below.


We are HUGE fans of local school, recreation and adult athletics. If you would like us to consider sponsoring your team, please complete and submit the form below.

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Spirit Day Fundraisers

No chocolate bars, no car washes and no headaches! Spirit Days are the easiest way to raise funds for your organization. Quite simply, together we pick a day and declare it the Spirit Day for your organization. Then you put the word out and encourage everyone to come dine at your local Hickory Tavern that day. Everyone who does so will drop their receipt in a bowl and we'll donate 10% of the total to your organization. It's THAT easy! To schedule your Spirit Day just complete and submit the form below.

We're pretty easy to get a hold of.

Just fill in the requested information, check the correct box and hit submit. That's all it takes. One thing to please note. We want desperately to work with everyone and we try our best to make that happen. But sometimes our limitations get in the way. We ask that you please be understanding of those limitations.

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